Welcome to Pink's Marans!


Pinks Marans is located on 5 beautiful acres in the foothills of Mt. St. Helen's in Washington State and here at our farm…"Pink Flamingo Farms"…. EVERYTHING that is WHACKY, TACKY and PINK goes!!!!!

My name is Kim (aka., Pink to my chicken friends) and I have to confess that I am addicted to dark brown chocolate eggs, Blue Copper Marans chickens and  pink  pinkpinkpinkof course, the color pink.

I am breeding Blue Copper Marans, Black Copper Marans and Splash Copper Marans. I favor the Blue Copper Marans most of all and tend to bred more of them verses the Splash Copper Marans and Black Copper Marans. Can't help myself when it comes to the Blue Coppers, they are just stunningly beautiful birds.

Finally, a good reason to have the blues. 
We all know…..nothing helps with the blues like chocolate….chocolate eggs that is. Oh my, with that first chocolate colored egg in my hand, I knew I would never go back to a regular white or light tan egg.




Marans eggs, and Barnevelder eggs Sept. 2011



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